Google Business View

Google Business View

Google Business View is, in essence, a virtual tour of your workplace. With professional photographers at our helm, and a vision to enhance your digital world, Digiepic Technology are able to enter your place of work, capturing every angle of a 360-degree rotation using panoramic shots of the room/building. We then create a virtual walk-through tour that can be seen at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Created to be slightly different to Street View however, Google Business View has been developed by Google as a way of targeting the interior spaces that businesses possess. With Google Business View you can showcase the inside of your shop, hotel, restaurant, hairdressers, office, showroom, club, or venue, giving potential customers an insight into who you are and the way you operate before they even get in touch.

Why Business View?

As a Google Trusted Agency, our job is to professionally manage project shoots for Google Business View.We have a team of trained, experienced, and reliable Google-Trusted Photographers who will create an immersive user experience, similar to the Google Maps Street View format. With panoramic images that showcase your location, the opportunity to gain new customers through an engaging tour is invaluable.Google Business View can be viewed directly through search results and through Google+ Business Pages, providing business owners with an amazing marketing tool. Hosted for FREE on Google Maps, Business View is a cost-effective way of gaining new exposure online.

Where can Business View be seen?

Search Results

Your panoramic tour can be seen instantly through search results on the World’s most popular search engine, creating new business exposure online.

Google Maps & Street View

Customers who stumble across you on Google, Google Maps & Google Street View will be able to enter your business and take the tour as if they were there.

On Any Device

Google Business View can be viewed on many Google Apps and devices, including desktop, tablet, and of course, mobile.

Your Website

With a custom embed code, your virtual tour can be added directly to your own website allowing customers to engage with you in a whole new way!

Facebook Pages

With Facebook's developer mode, you can embed Business View into your Facebook page. Ideal if you market your business heavily on Social Media.

Email Signature

Anyone you send an email to will be able to take the tour of your business location when you attach your Google Business View Tour to your email signature.

The process

Our online inquiries have shown great improvement

We come across Digiepic Technology as we were trying to improve our presence online, this is something Digiepic have really helped with. They took the time to understand what our needs were and the reason behind this, the process was smooth and they ensured our understanding throughout. Digiepic Technology have since in turn arranged a Google Business View on our premises which has improved the foot fall to our premises, would highly recommend the team at Digiepic Technology for their SEO services and the Google Virtual tours that they offer. Since working with Digiepic Technology, our online inquiries have shown great improvement and we are continuing to work with them for not only our own website.

Karbon Kopy