PPC Management

PPC Management

Advertising online isn’t easy, and it makes it even more difficult if you don’t know what you are doing! In recent times, Pay Per Click Campaigns have become more and more popular, with business owners and marketing managers attempting to improve income and revenue through online proceedings. Some of these people aren’t clued up when it comes to PPC however, and proceed to cause more problems for themselves by running a poor PPC campaign.With platforms like Google AdWords, setting up your own PPC campaign seems pretty easy right? … WRONG!

It’s actually far more difficult than that! The setting up process is actually rather simple, which is where some people can be fooled into believing PPC management is easy. Making a paid search campaign work can be tricky, but in the hands of digital experts, like ourselves, Pay Per Click Campaigns can be extremely successful! Digiepic offer an innovative, forward thinking approach to paid search campaigns, and will use our marketing expertise to help you get the most out of your Pay Per Click campaigns!

What does PPC Management at Digiepic Technology look like?

We offer a range of PPC services and a variety of approaches to aid you moving forward online. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. We have experience in abundance when it comes Paid Search Campaigns and with our combined knowledge of the marketing world, we are a force to be reckoned with!There’s a lot more to Pay Per Click Management than meets the eye! Here at Digiepic Technology, we provide you with these PPC services:

PPC Audit

A PPC audit involves us looking closely at your current paid search campaigns and establishing new ways to reduce outgoing costs, all the while targeting your adverts to produce better results!

Google AdWords Management: When people think of PPC, people think of Google! 90% of searches in the UK are done through Google so it’s important to get your Adwords campaign just right! If your account is managed correctly then the products and services you are offering will get found more efficiently by your target audience!

Bing Pay Per Click Advertising: Google are massive, yes! But they aren’t the be-all and end-all of the internet - despite what people might think! Those who ignore other search engines can be naive, and in this naivety, can be subject to a downfall. With Microsoft AdCenter you can target users on Bing and Yahoo - which are more popular than people believe. The potential revenue that could come from the likes of Bing and Yahoo should not be underestimated. Digiepic Technology can help you enter a whole new world in terms of online experiences and overtaking your competition in the market!

Digital Display Advertising

This form of advertising allows your website and the services you offer to be seen in more places. We will take a look at the places your target audience visit on the web and target these specific areas for your display advertising. This can be a great way of building on existing search engine advertising.

Remarketing & Retargeting

With remarketing and retargeting we can find out where your target audience are going on the web and follow them with your adverts. An extremely clever process and one which can be VERY effective if done in the right way!

Quality of work exceptional

Very good company. Would recommend to anyone. Always got plenty of time to talk & go through issues. Friendly advice. We have used them for seo work. Nothing to much trouble & quality of work exceptional. Happy to continue to use going forward.

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